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This is our current promo for one of our specialties, where we take home video footage captured by new parents and edit it together into a special and unique documentary. These usually run for around 20 minutes, and we’ve received excellent feedback such as the customer below:

""When our first son was born, we took footage of EVERYTHING. He was adorable and we wanted to capture so much to remember and share with him as he grew. Amicable Hammock took our many hours of tiny snippets of footage and edited together a beautiful film that captured the key moments that were so special in those first 12 months. It gave us a film we could share with friends and family, and most importantly our son, who delights in a movie that’s all about him. Late in our pregnancy with our second son we discovered another advantage of this beautiful film - we used it to help explain what his brother would be like when he was born and in those first 12 months. Watching it still brings a tear to my eye - and so much joy and laughter to my heart."

I was approached by Arna from Estreya Accessories to edit together promotional shots and behind-the-scenes footage I had captured from her photo shoot for a montage to be projected at the launch of her business.  The event was held on 10 October 2009 and was an incredible night! I was so pleased with how the production turned out and received many compliments.  Here’s a snippet of what Arna thought:

"I was really pleased at how professional yet friendly she was, she worked well with the models and photographer and also helped out with visual direction. The projection put together was amazing and everyone loved seeing product images as well as inspiring words and the backstage footage she had filmed for me."

This was also the first time I had worked in conjunction with Carly from CMR Photography, and we discovered we made a great team! These are two businesses I would definitely jump at the opportunity to work with again. This was some feedback I received from Carly:

"Not only was Bryony extremely professional and uobtrusive in her filming style, she was also very FUN to have on set.  The end result was exactly what I had wanted, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Bryony or her company to anyone who requires such services."

To check out the amazing work of these two local businesses, they can be found at and

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